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Dr. Stacey Guenther
Trusted guide bridging science and spirituality for personal, group, & leadership development.


Now Available


Leadership at the Spiritual Edge: Emerging and Non-Western Concepts of Leadership and Spirituality


Published by Routledge


In the chapter, ‘Enacting Leadership from a Place of Oneness’ by Dr. Guenther reflects on the following question: If reality is coherent, whole, and connected, how might leaders cultivate that kind of reality in the systems that they lead?

Current Project

Coherence: Cultivating Group Magic

Anyone who yearns for closer connections will want to know all about a phenomenon called coherence, an incredible way that groups of people experience oneness and deep connectedness. In this book, I present coherence as the antidote to the separateness, loneliness, and burnout that is at epidemic level in the Western world. Currently seeking a publisher.

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